October 24, 2011

Photo Collection-1

Hi Guys,

The number of photography posts keeps on increasing and naming them is becoming difficult. So I decided to name it as a series. Well, I began a photography blog and maintaining two blogs was quite difficult. So I decided to post the photos here itself.

A glowing Lamp
Inside the Washing Machine
Guess what this image shows?
White Flowers

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Karthick, you are one amazing photographer! I loved them all but my favorite is the mushroom and the stitches one... And that image is taken through a broken piece of something showing inner wires or something, not sure though...
    Wish you and family a Happy Dhanteras:)

  2. @Arti

    thanks... yeah, that was taken through a broken fan regulator...wish u the same too:)

  3. Amazing !
    I can't believe you have captured these with your Point and Shoot Camera.
    Cool man !
    Fav was Stitches of Cricket Ball,perfect magic of light could be seen there,have to take tips of Photography from you : )

  4. @Abhishek

    thanks man... if u learn the parameters quite well, the even P&S cameras give u good photos... u should try new angles and be creative...

  5. Thanks for the answer Karthick.
    Wish you and family a very Happy Diwali:)


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