September 29, 2011

The Red Signal!

Hi Guys,

I have been reading Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hound of Death’ which is a collection of 12 short stories. I have read the first three stories and it has been good so far. The main theme is about different phenomena relating with mind. I liked the second story very much and the story is ‘The Red Signal’

The story is about the voice of our subconscious mind. Before we do certain things, our subconscious mind gives us signal. It gives us green signal if there is no danger and red signal if there is any danger. All of us must have experienced it at some stage.

According to the story, there are two points of view. One is our mind develops an attitude towards things and when something we fear about comes, our mind stops us from doing. The other point is confusion. We will be in a dilemma whether to do something or not. So, when we don’t do it and something bad happens, we think we escaped because we didn’t do it. This is coincidence.

August 15, 2011
It was due for my regular dental check up. I slept well in the afternoon and I got up by 5.15 pm.  Something told me not to go to hospital. The climate was good and so I started to get ready. By 5.40 pm, I got dressed and came out. The climate was gloomy. Black clouds surrounded the whole area. Again ‘A Red Signal’. Something, told me it was going to be a Bad Evening. Anyway, I decided to go to the hospital. My father said that there was no cloud in the west side (the direction in which the hospital was located).

I agreed and started and when I travelled some distance, I knew dad was wrong. There was no cloud in the North Direction and west was filled with black clouds. It was very windy and I struggled to control my bike. The hospital was 5 kms from my home. I travelled nearly 4 kms, before the rain started. I stopped my bike and went inside the nearby shop. It was 6.15 pm when I entered.

It was raining like hell and the whole road started to drench in water. Slowly, fear crept inside me. I was afraid of how I would ride to home. Finally the thunderstorm reduced to drizzles by 7.25 pm. I decided to start back. Water was flowing heavily in the roads. With great difficulty I started the bike and I was shivering as I was drenched in water. At one low point nearby river, water was stagnant for two feet high and I was afraid that my bike would stop if water entered the engines. Thank God, nothing happened and I reached home safely.

My assumptions came true. It was one of the worse days.

Was it a Red Signal or was it a Coincidence?

Happy Reading!!!


  1. I think it was red signal! I love reading too, am currently reading Sherlock Holmes... Never read Agatha Christie, hope to lay my hands on this book!
    Have a fabulous week ahead Karthick:)

  2. Sometimes intuitions are right ,sometime not .

  3. I sort of have a sixth sense and I get to know if something has to go wrong, for few days I was quite upset and felt someone close might die! Pataudi died, I was like, eh? Then I got to know, my friend's mum died :'(

    I think red, green signal theory works!

    I haven't read her, may be I should.

    Chintu Singh

  4. It happens !
    This is ones interaction with God I guess : )


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