December 30, 2011

2011 in my view!

Hi Guys,

I was thinking of writing a post about New Year celebrations for the past one week. Just then, I visited the archives of my blog to see what I have written during the past two years. During 2009, I had been writing a series on Holiday Activities and I wished my readers at the end of a series. Last year, I was in Chennai and I was busy as I underwent In-plant training and so I didn’t write any post for nearly 20 days.

So, what comes into my mind as I think of 2011?

Personal Life
First thing is my carrier. All these times, I had never felt myself as a matured guy and I had a sort of childish attitude (which I enjoyed very much). The final year of my Engineering began and all of a sudden I felt some pressure. I had responsibilities and I had to work for it (the same was the case for most of my classmates). July and August went past very quick and we worked the way we had never worked before. For some the next few months were sweeter and for most it was bitter. (read my interview experience here). Hope, they will get better opportunities for the wait. Personally, I am expecting 2012 to bring in more good news.

Blogging Life
As far as my blog is concerned, I have written 79 posts (including this one) this year. It is 20 more than last year (last year it was 59). Sometime in the middle of the year, I changed the URL of the blog and it lead to little confusion for some time. Towards the end of the year, I rebuilt my photo blog and introduced it again. It has received a very warm response and I am very happy about it. After a long time, I have added 14 photos this year and I am planning to do more with the photo blog. But, I was not able to expand the number of blogs I read drastically, though I read a few more blogs now. I am thinking of expanding my subscriptions this year. Many of my friends started to blog, but none were successful in continuing. Everyone stopped after writing one or two posts. Blogging requires passion.

Cricketing World
The next thing that comes into my mind is Cricket. It could be divided into four phases. In the first phase, Indians were facing huge expectations. Everyone wanted India to win World cup in front of the home crowd and the players exhibited brilliant team work and the dream became true. The second phase was the dullest IPL ever. Players didn’t have time to rejoice and they came back for IPL. People were exhausted and not many cared about it. The third phase was a very bad period for India. They went to England and came back without a single win. Probably India’s poorest performance in the recent times. The fourth phase was West Indies touring India and this series created waves just because of expectations on Sachin’s hundredth ton and it never happened. Now Indians have already lost the first match against Australia. Let’s see how Indians play in 2012.

Indian Politics
This year state elections were held for 5 states and there was of change of power in many states. In particular, in west Bengal a three decade rule came to an end and in Tamil Nadu, people closed the doors for a very corruptive government. Later, Anna Hazare stormed Delhi with his fast and pressured the government to introduce Lokpal (read my post on Support Anna Hazare here). The most important thing was that youngsters were very eager to participate in this movement. Now, there are lot of confusions and controversies over this movement and government’s attitude. Let’s hope 2012 will bring in solutions. There were lot of people’s movements and politicians creating controversies for their benefits.

That’s what I remember right now.

Wishing my readers a very Happy and prosperous New Year, I sign off this year’s blogging activities.

Happy New Year 2012!!!



  1. Have a great year ahead . Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year .

  2. Nice !
    I was thinking of writing a similar post,lets see if I could.
    Anyways Happy New Year : )

  3. This is a very good round up post. Loved your photos, will have to spare some time for your photo blog as well!!!
    Wish you and your family a very happy and joyful 2012 Karthick :)

  4. @all

    thanks for the comments... wishing u all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead...


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