December 16, 2011

Current Education Standard in Government Schools!

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A few days ago, I was travelling in a bus on a 3 hour journey. I was one of the last passengers to board the bus and hence had to sit in one of the few available seats. I was sitting nearby two friends and later found out that they were teachers in government school. It seems they work in different schools and became friends during a training session. They were discussing about the happenings in their respective schools. Mostly the first person spoke and second person listened.

First they were discussing about the quality of education. It seems they are really interested in teaching and their colleagues were not interested. He said that the school conducted no meetings for setting the class timetable, deciding ways to improve education. Meetings were conducted only to find out how to spend their leisure time and how to enjoy the work. They never cared about the children. The only time when the children were taken care of was when the teachers had quarrel among themselves. After a week or so, when the quarrel settles, the children were left uncared again.

They were appreciating the newly setup syllabus. Till now, I have only heard the views of the private players on the equitable education system, which they say is very poor when compared to the old standards. But, these teachers were saying that it was really good and particularly the colors and pictures created interest among the students. They were also saying, the teachers were able to learn a lot from those books (OMG – so what’s the standard of teachers?). They were complaining the stand of the new government of the education system and said Education Department should be self run like election commission (?)

One of the friends was saying that he had no guidance during his young age and hence chose a wrong field and so he is guiding his students properly. He also said that he along with a few of his bright students form a group and goes to their respective villages and creates awareness on education. A really good teacher, I thought.

After this their discussion turned into various topics on writing exams for promotion, attendance, internal conflicts. I just plugged my mobile’s headphone into my ear and became isolated for the remaining 150 minutes of the journey.

So, what do you feel right now?

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  1. The education system in India is not good, thats what I feel. There is too much of competition and too much of pressures on young children. When we were young, I remember, we were so carefree. We got so much time for ourselves even after studying, now children only run from one class to another.
    Very good post karthick.


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