August 2, 2015

Having Momos with uninvited Cats!

Hi Guys,

A few months back, we (me and a few friends of mine) went on a trip to Coorg and on the way we stopped by at Bylakuppe to visit the Tibetian Monastery. We decided to have lunch at a small Tibetian restaurant. It was a pretty small place and we found out that we were the only guys at the restaurant.

We ordered a few Momos and as we started eating, two small cats came by. They were kittens maturing into the cat phase. Our table was right next to the window and one cat just peeped in. First she was a bit careful about stepping in. Once she learned that we were not going to do anything, she started to walk across our legs underneath the table. The other cat was still a bit shy and was just peeping through. Meanwhile, she started lying in between my legs and my friend Ankur was saying that she is fond of me. I was a bit scared as to if she would bite or scratch my legs. So, I constantly had a look on the cat.

Personally, I love cats for a few reasons. They are so quiet creatures. They move without creating any noise and sit on walls peacefully. Their movement is so graceful and they appear naïve, but are great observers of things around them. Somehow, I find some of those characteristics in myself and hence have some fondness on observing cats. They are so nimble that nothing happens to them even if they fall from a great height.

And so, while we were eating, an old Tibetan lady and her grandson came to eat. So, my dear cat left me and went there in search of something interesting. I was a bit relaxed as she was no more at our table. The old lady just took one of the Momos and fed it to the cat. So, I assumed that the cat might be domesticated and must have lost the hunting skills (domesticated cats rely on their owner for food and the hunting capability is lost). After finishing it, she came back to us. This time we gave a small piece of Momo and finally the other cat also came in.

They kept on roaming around the place for some time. They went out and sat on the window frame from outside. Finally, I gathered some courage and took my hand to touch the cat (something I haven’t done before). And this time she got scared and jumped down before even my hand went near her head. I never left her to touch me and she reciprocated the same to me in the end.

It has been a few months since it happened, but the cute cat does come into my mind quite often…

Happy Reading!!!

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