July 7, 2013

'I will be there in 5 Minutes'

Hi Guys,

How many times have you heard the dialogue in the title? Probably a lot many times. What has been the outcome? I’m definite it would have been a long wait most of the times. If it is the opposite, I would say you are lucky.

A few days back, there was a status message in Facebook from one of my professors. He had visited Paris and one of his former students said he would meet him in 8 minutes and he was there exactly in 8 minutes. He attributed this to the proper traffic system they have. In India, even if we have proper systems, I doubt whether people would turn in the time they promise.

Often on Facebook, you would have received this message when you are chatting with your friend – ‘BRB (Be right Back) in 5 minutes’. And a lot of times, I have waited eternally and the friend would never appear back.

A few years back, one of my cousins had noted the different time frames, his driver would say. This is how it went. If he says he is very nearby, it would take two minutes. If he says he is nearby, it would take 5 minutes. If he says he will be there in 2 minutes, it would take at least 5 minutes and if he says he would be there in 5 minutes, it would take a minimum of 20 minutes.

These days, you get the phone numbers of Auto Drivers and call them whenever you need. Sometimes, the result could be frustrating. The auto driver might be busy with another ride, but in order to not miss this ride, he would say an approximate time. And most of the times, he would say he is nearby and we would never know where he is. It becomes a big trouble when you want to go out immediately.

Being on time or sticking to time has been a big problem with most of the people in our country. As one of my professors says it, being on time is nothing but respecting the other person. It is the basic courtesy you can show to the person.

Most of the times, I don’t mind waiting for a longer period, but be true about the time. Don’t make the other person guessing things like whether he would turn up, how long I would have to wait more and such other things. Informing the right time would clear things.

I try to be that way and it has not been difficult. And trust me, being on time is not the toughest job on earth. It requires a certain amount of planning and execution.

Hope the people who read this stick to their promised time.

Happy Reading!!!

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