April 1, 2012

Things that Crossed my Way!

Hi Guys,

It is so good to be blogging again after a long time. For some time, I was not involved in any of my usual hobbies and was fully immersed in lot of activities. Soon, I realized how bad it is turning out be and started to do my usual activities again. In the past 1 week, I have seen a really good movie (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), 1 really good thriller novel (The Hunger Games), took some interesting photographs and finally I am sitting down to blog.

The Hunger Games – a Fiction Thriller
As usual I was checking for the box office collections of recently released Hollywood movies and was amazed to find that The Hunger Games had collected $153 mn in the first week end. It is a very big number, that only a selected few movies grasp. The rating was good and learnt that it is based on a young adult novel by Suzanne Collins. I searched for the novel and found it to have good ratings. I checked the price online and found that Indiaplaza was offering 40% discount. 15 minutes back I had no idea on the novel and now I had ordered the novel. The novel came in two days and it took me one day to finish it off. I was not in a very good mood when I started reading, but then I was pulled into the story.

The story happens in the future North America. The country is called Panem and it has a Capitol and twelve districts. Each year a boy and girl from each district are chosen as tributes and the tributes are sent into a camp for fighting till death. This is called the Hunger games and the lone survivor wins. The story begins at District 12, where Katniss spends her time hunting and saving her family. On the day of reaping (the day when tributes are chosen), her sister’s name springs out. Katniss volunteers in order to save her sister. This leads her to a set of actions that she has never seen or imagined before. After facing lot of surprises and troubles, does she wins form the rest of the novel.

Cockroach – Red Light Theory
Recently I had seen a big cockroach in my home. It went away soon, but then this interesting theory came to my mind. My mother says that cockroaches are afraid of red light. That’s why my mom keeps a red light (15W) in our kitchen and she says that’s why cockroaches don’t visit often. I searched sources in the internet to find if its true. There was no proof. It is generally said that cockroaches are used to dark, but they are not afraid of light. They get used to light. I think there is no open source for cockroaches to come to the kitchen and that’s why they stay out.

Meanwhile, I found an interesting fact. If cockroaches are crushed and applied to wounds, they can help to ease the sting. If anyone is interested, try out!!!

Fools Day
Fools day used to be a fun during school days. Usually it will come amidst exams and usually friends used to fool us by saying something. Sometimes you will realize it as soon as it is said, but sometimes students used to believe and spread the issue to a whole bunch, before someone makes him realize that he was fooled. Those were good memorable days. For the past few years, it has not been as good as before. The reasons maybe either we are matured enough to know that we are being fooled or that the other person is matured enough not to play.

That’s it for now. I sign off after posting a few photographs I took in the previous days.

A Grasshopper sitting on my gate
Bunch of buds ready to bloom
A close up view of a bud

Patterns formed by the cloud

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Lovely pictures , liked the Grasshopper one very much..

  2. Its good to read to your blog after a long time.. i especially like your blog when you write about book and movies... This post is great too...

  3. Interesting book, seems pretty different.
    Also that thing about applying crushed cockroaches on wounds, Ewww...
    Lovely shots of the garden, nice blooms. Colorful.
    Its good to see your post come up in the dashboard, it has been long.
    Have a nice day Karthick:)


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