July 3, 2011

Things that Crossed my Way!

Hi Guys,

The last few days have been mysterious. I have been busy, yet I don’t know what I was doing. One of my friends asked me what I did on Friday evening. All I remembered was sitting in front of computer and I was not able to remember what I was exactly doing. After a long thought, I said I was going through various websites. I do remember searching for question papers and project ideas, but beyond that, nothing.

Mobile phone messages have been troubling me a lot in the past few days. Particularly a bunch of idiotic guys have been causing a lot of disturbance. Long back, at least some messages used to informative or entertaining. These days messages are neither informative nor entertaining, they are just boring. Coming back to this bunch of guys, they just send Good morning or Good night as a message. I am receiving it four or five times in the morning and the same repeats in the night. What more, all of them are residing in the same room.

Day before yesterday, there was low voltage in our locality. Despite that, I fell asleep and then this message came – ‘Good Night! Sweet Dreams’. I woke up and found out there was no power. This Good Night message turned my good night into a bad night. I was not able to sleep for a long time.

It has been two months since I got my motor bike and it has been a good learning period. I have started to ride well. From my experience, 90% of people don’t follow the basic road rules. This applies to both the vehicle riders and the pedestrians. At signals, people don’t leave space for left turn. Sometimes, if there are very few vehicles, pedestrians cross the road even during green signals (I have seen two accidents occurring due to it). Many riders don’t use their indicators. This is better when compared to the use of wrong indicators. Share Auto drivers are the people whom you need to be careful with. You will never know what he will do the next second. The worst thing is people scold you if you follow the rules.

I was reading the Holiday activities post, I wrote during December 2009. I thought I spend those holidays very usefully when compared to these holidays. I went to learn driving and also I had gone to CAD class along with Dhasthaheer and Vimal. I remembered those wonderful days when we used to get to the class by using cycles. We used to ride for around 20 minutes and it was all fun. These days all of us have got motor bikes, yet cycles were the real fun.

That’s it for now.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Good post Karthick, That good morning and good night messages must be irritating!! And the traffic conditions in India are very bad, even the traffic cops catch only the wrong people who can shell out money and ignore most of relevant cases.
    Have a good Sunday:)

  2. True , but this how we are , will be . Will not change .


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