July 24, 2011

The Birds! (1963)

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Few days back, I saw one of the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece movies, ‘The Birds’. It was really a very horrific movie and it left me wondering, ‘How did they shoot the movie?’

One fine morning, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) meets a lawyer Mitch Berner (Rod Taylor) in a bird shop at San Francisco. Mitch is in search of lovebirds for his sister Cathy’s 11th birthday. After an interesting conversation, Mitch leaves as there are no lovebirds. Melanie gets a pair of lovebirds and goes to Bodega Bay where Mitch lives with his mother and sister in an island connected by road.

She makes it a complete surprise and leaves the birds when no one is at home. She waits in the boat and when Mitch sees her, she rows back to the main land. On the way, a gull hits her which is peculiar. She lives along with Cathy’s teacher Annie there. That night, a bird hits Annie’s door and dies.

After that during Cathy’s Birthday party, a flock of birds attack. Few children are injured and one friend dies. After that crows attack the school and thus an argument arises in the local bar. At the same time, a bird knocks gasoline filler unconscious and gasoline spills on the road. Due to a cigar lighting a large accident occurs. At the same time, Annie dies at the school entrance.
Before the School attack
Everyone returns home and Mitch makes the home fool proof by covering the glass windows with wood. Birds attack that night and they nearly break in but they escape narrowly. They decide it’s time to leave before the birds attack again. Mitch opens the door to find that the house is surrounded by 1000s of birds. Do they escape forms the climax of the movie.

The attack of the birds was horrifying. I don’t know how Hitchcock took all those shots. They were so real. The movie was filled with thrills. Particularly the mechanism of bird attack was shown interestingly. First a single bird comes and occupies the place. It is followed by some others and finally a huge flock assembles. Music is another plus point to the movie.

It’s one of the greatest movies made by Alfred Hitchcock. Don’t miss it. Watch the trailer to get an insight of the movie.

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  1. want to see such nice movie. karthick how come you alone know about these kind of movies

  2. I once saw a part of this movie on star movies or hbo... But have not seen the entire movie, sounds you are a big Hitchcock fan!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  3. @Vimal

    i read lot of articles and stuffs... so naturally i know some things...

  4. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... yeah, i've become a big fan of hitchcock... his technique of taking movies is amazing...

  5. Me too a big fan of hitchcock movies . But haven't seen this one but now for sure will check it out .


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