January 24, 2011

Who is the Hero?

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Just a few minutes back, I was reading an article in a website quoting Julian Assange’s words on what is the difference between him and Mark Zuckerberg.

Both these people have been frequently in the news for the past few months.  Julian Assange, the Whistleblower who has revealed lot of secret cables that have the potential to destabilize governments across the world. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook which connects 500 million people across the world.

Mark Zuckerberg along with his classmates started Facebook as a university networking site at Harvard University in 2004. It all started as a fun and later learning its potential he spread it across universities and then introduced it to the world.  His story is told in the movie The Social Network. It has bagged many awards in the Golden Globes and it shows the negative side of Mark Zuckerberg. Though he denies that if we look back at the legal issues, we can’t deny it completely. Another common issue that is being told is that Facebook lets out our private information to other companies whenever we use Applications. In other words, they are selling our privacy without our knowledge. Despite all this, Times magazine named Mark Zuckerberg as the Person of the Year.

Julian Assange is the editor in chief of Wikileaks website which is a Whistleblower. Born in Australia, he was well versed in hacking from his early ages. He used it to extract information from some websites and reveal it to the people. Many governments are trying to get rid of him and people are supporting him. He has been constantly on the move and he was trapped in Sweden and is currently in prison. One main video he let out was the US army’s arrogance in Iraq. This has created huge waves. I’m attaching the video of Julian Assange’s interview to TED in June 2009. Please watch the whole 20 minutes and you will understand why the world needs Julian.

He has his own sources of information and is careful in their safety. He has over millions of secret cables in his hands. In the video he says that he doesn’t reveal information that should remain secret (such as between a doctor and a patient). His website has been banned currently saying that he did not pay rent to the server. Can you believe it?

The latest news is that he might reveal the names of people who have their money covered in Swiss banks. If he does so, lot of our politicians and leading billionaires can be caught red-handed. It is a day I’m waiting for.
In my opinion he is the person of the year, not Mark Zuckerberg.

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