January 18, 2011

Things that crossed my way!

Hi Guys,

After 4 days of pongal holidays, it was a sad feeling going back to college. But, I can’t ponder much on that and things must move on.

Incorrect Identity Proofs
I went to Passport office to apply for passport last week and I applied successfully. Some of my friends who like to apply for passports are finding it difficult as something is wrong in their identity proofs. Either their spelling is wrong or address is wrong or any other information is wrong. In most cases the information present in 2 proofs will be contradictory. The responsibility lies with our government officials. My father says that when all the details are collected manually and then typed in computer, lot of errors happen. He says that either online application (where we type our own data) or uniform ID cards (then too our details must be correct there) are the only solutions. Carelessness is the main root cause.

Movies I watched recently
It has been very long since I shared with you the movies I watched. Recently I watched the movie 500 days of summer. It was tagged as an offbeat romantic comedy. It was rather emotional at many places. Directed by Marc Webb, it deals with the 500 days of relationship between Tom and Summer. It was a good movie. I watched Se7en, a psychological thriller movie starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. Directed by David Fincher, it deals with the case of a serial killer, who uses seven sins as the cause of murder. The movie occurs in seven days and the climax is more shocking.

Cricket – Is it right to call the third powerplay as the Batting Powerplay?
If you have been following cricket for the past year, you would be aware of the introduction of batting powerplay. It is the 5 overs chosen by the batting team (mostly at the end of their innings). The main objective of the powerplay is to increase the run rate and make the match fascinating. But, the powerplay rather helps the bowling team. Batsmen try to take advantage and lose their wicket. This also leads to decrease of run rate. In the 2nd ODI between India and SA, both teams lost 3 wickets in the last powerplay. It was an easy to win match for SA and they lost mainly because of wrong shot selections in the powerplay overs. Today too, they have lost many wickets in the powerplay overs. But, SA also showed how to use the batting powerplay properly in the 1st ODI. Teams need to be careful with the selection of the batting powerplay overs.

Dan Brown books – Mysteries, secrets and codes
Two weeks back, I read the book ‘The Lost Symbol’. It is the latest book of Dan Brown. I have already read his previous 4 books and am quite a fan of him. Particularly I love the way he write about secrets that truly exist, puzzles, codes and the way to break them. This book also resembles the previous stories. Robert Langdon is forced to break a historic code in order to save his friend Peter Solomon from the villain. Though the story occurs within a time period of 12 hours, it doesn’t have the pace of 24 hour long Angels and Demons. It is boring at parts and the huge epilogue makes you drowsy. It is not one of Dan Brown’s best. Though people rate The Da vinci Code as his best, I prefer Angels and Demons. The other two books (Deception point and Digital Fortress) are also good.

That’s it for now.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Yes batting powerplay is sort of helping the Bowling team rather.
    Have read about Dan Brown a lot would like to read his Books.
    Off late i have been also watching many Movies inspired from you, i mostly watch them on Sony Pix.
    All the Hollywood films presents a new story, i am enjoying them a lot.

  2. Hi ,just stopped by.True; even though we fill the forms and tell them everything repeatedly ,finally they end up with some mess in these passport offices.I should watch seven ,sounds interesting.

  3. @Abhishek

    thanks for the comments... hope that u like the movies I review... yeah, hollywood movies have a wide range of story... they have true drama, complete action, mind blowing fantasy and superb sci-fi... they r interesting...

  4. @Raji

    thanks for visiting my blog... se7en is a good movie... rated 8.7/10 in IMDB and one of the top 20 movies...


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