January 29, 2011

My thoughts on MNP!

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The recent advancements in the Indian mobile service providers have been remarkable. One significant scheme introduced is the MNP or the Mobile Number Portability and the other is the introduction of 3G.

The advertisements broadcasted by service providers for MNP has been interesting. I have not been watching television regularly in the past few days and hence I am not aware of the ads in TV. I hear to FM stations every morning and I noted that Vodafone has got the best marketing strategy. The conversation is such that the mobile number is so important to the person and he can’t change the number, although the service is poor. The other person suggests Vodafone and also gives the toll free number for porting to Vodafone.

I became fascinated in the MNP and surfed through the service provider’s websites. It was just amazing to see that all the companies welcome the porting customers with broad hands and offer them a lot of freebies and there are no such offers for the existing customers. For example, you maybe a 3 year old customer of a service provider. But they won’t mind you and your friend porting to that service provider will make cheaper calls than you. Amusing, isn’t it?

TRAI says that a service provider can charge `19 for the porting. But, the service providers are porting you free and are providing you an initial talk time.  An intelligent person can make use of this prospect. According to TRAI, you can port your number once in 30 days. So after 30 days of the first company, you can port to the next one and enjoy their offers. When the offers get over, you can skip to the next and so on. Anyway the offers will last for a few months only. If you are clever, you can save a lot.

I have been receiving text messages from my service provider saying that they strive hard to provide better service and thank the customers for having been their valuable customer. I’m planning to port my number, so that I can enjoy the offers. But have some talk time left in my account and need to empty that first. Many of my friends have already ported their service providers for the same reason.

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