September 15, 2010

My Trip Diary -2

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to the trip diary. I left with me relaxing in the hostel room in the early morning of 3-9-10 (Friday). Let me continue with the diary.

3-9-2010 (Friday)

8 am

After a bit of sleep, we refreshed ourselves and thought of finishing the registration (for Bala Kumar), before having our Breakfast. We started from the room by 7.45 am and went to the registration arena by 7.55 am. We were awestruck. There was a huge crowd standing there. Wait, let me explain you the construction of the arena.

Registration Arena from outside
Tables were arranged in circular manner and some 10-12 computers were kept there. Each computer was marked a counter, so there were approximately 10 counters in all. Apart from that printers were kept in the centre of the circle and each printer was connected with 2 or 3 systems. So as soon as the participants gave their individual ID number (which we were informed earlier), a document conveying all their info will be printed out and this document was named Receipt. It was one of the vital documents that the participants have to keep until their stay.

Also a bar coded label is available for the particular ID Number. After registration, they will give a temporary ID card with the bar code attached to it. This bar code will be scanned at all places, like reception of the workshop, mess building, etc. I got the ID card by 5 am itself, but Bala Kumar’s bar code was missing and hence we had to come back.

As I said there was a huge crowd standing and it was even difficult to get inside. I waited outside and he after lot of difficulties got inside. He was trying to get information about the missing bar code and as time went by he lost his nerve and started to shout the registration team. Not just him, many other students were in the same position. It was informed that the barcode was being prepared.

It was 9 am. We had exhausted an hour there and we were hungry and thought of finishing our breakfast.

9 am

We didn’t have any idea of where the breakfast was being served. So we made an enquiry with the Help Desk and came to knew that the breakfast was in the Hostel Mess building. We were frustrated. We had to walk the whole distance again. Each of us had our own thoughts and we didn’t talk with each other making the distance appear long. We reached the mess building and there were four counters there and people were scanning the bar codes. I thought we needed to make an explanation regarding his absence of bar coded ID, but there was no problem. Many students didn’t have bar coded ID and hence one of the counters was shifted for the non bar code holders.

Students Centre which had the Mess building
A side view of the Student's Centre

We went and got the food in our plates. The breakfast was Idli, Pongal, Vada and Kesari along with Sambar and Coconut Chutney as side dishes. First I ate vada, it was quite good and hence I thought the food will be good. Next I took a bit of Idli and ate it, my ideas changed. Neither the Sambar, nor the chutney was good. So I ate the Kesari, which was sort of ok and some of the Pongal without side dishes and left. It was a forgettable breakfast.

9.30 am

Half an hour later, we were again at the registration desk. We thought of finishing the things and then attending the workshop, which was scheduled at 10 am. But, nothing happened as our plan. We had to wait, wait and wait until the inauguration function got over. Let me tell you those things in my next post.

Wish all the Engineer Readers of my blog, a very Happy Engineers day (September 15).

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Looks like you had some hard time there.
    Do they charged you for your stay there and eatables and for the workshop ?
    You are unfolding the trip quite skillfully looks like you are keeping the climax to appear at last.

  2. @Abhishek

    Yeah... they did charge rs. 200 for our 2 days stay... thought of writing it in a single post, then 2 posts... now it is extending on and on...

  3. Nicely written... Good job that you divided the trip into two parts... That gave a really nice feel of it!


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