September 10, 2010

My Trip Diary -1

Hi Guys,

This post is going to be a new try from me. Last week I attended a workshop on Automation and Engine Design in a college nearby Erode and am going to write the details of the trip. Along the way, I’ll provide some photographs for your view. The photos will be of poor quality, as I took from my mobile’s VGA Camera.

2-9-10 (Wednesday)

9.00 pm

I left my home to Bus stand. It was 9.45 pm when I reached the Bus Stand and my friend Bala Kumar was already waiting there. He was accompanying me for the workshop. We got into a bus which was going to Erode. After the bus started we knew that the bus was old and terrible one. Even in the smoother four way roads, we had a bumpy ride. We had to travel for the next 260 kms in that bus. Despite the conditions we fell asleep in some time.

3-9-10 (Thursday)

2.45 am

Though the bus was poor, the driver managed to cover the 260 kms in 5 hours. We arrived at Erode by 2.45 am. The bus conductor was kind enough to guide us to Sathyamangalam where the college was said to be located. It was another 60 kms from Erode and we got into the bus by 2.50 am. It was good that we caught that bus, for the next bus was only by 4 am. This part was on the trails of Western Ghats and hence the roads were elevated and sloppy at some places. We again slept in the bus.

4.15 am

When we woke up, we found that we had reached Sathyamangalam and the time was 4.15 am. Around 20 students were already there in the bus stand and we found that they had also come for the workshop and other events that were being held in the same college. We found a stall the college had made to guide the participants. We were asked to wait until their vehicle came. It was 4.45 am and a Scorpio came. Some 8 of us got into the Scorpio and in another 15 minutes we reached the college.

5 am

A view as we reached there
It was still dark and we sensed that the college was big and had a high quality infrastructure. The registration desk was open and we thought of finishing the registration before going to the hostel. The students had an innovative idea. They allocated a separate ID for all the participants and had a Bar Coded ID card for all the participants for easy usage throughout the event. The idea was good but they fumbled as the numbers were changed and half the bar codes were missing. For instance I got my ID card, whereas Bala’s Bar code was not there and hence we were told to come later.

5.30 am

The Hostel Room
The hostel was at the other end and it was a long walk for us as we were heavy eyed. We were allocated a small room which was adequate for 2 persons to sleep in and we were also given beds. We carried the beds and reached the room. The time was 5.30 am. We unpacked our things and relaxed there, unaware of the problems we were going to face in the morning.

I’ll continue the story in the next sequel.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. A like reading day to day happenings in other persons life.
    You explained it very well.
    Will be waiting to know what difficulties you faced there.

  2. Nice descriptive post... Loved the way you told about your whole journey...

  3. @abhishek

    Thanks... will write the sequel soon...


    thanks... nice to know that u liked it...


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