June 22, 2010

Things that crossed my way!

Hi guys,
I was quite busy for the past two days as I went to and fro to college and bus stand to initiate the steps for getting my bus pass for this academic year. Amidst all the wanderings, I had free time to view three movies.
Finally, a solution for album titles in iTunes
In my previous post A Review of my Apple iPod Touch, I mentioned that I was having a head ache with the iTunes. One main problem I faced was the inappropriate album titles. Finally, I got a solution for the problem. The first solution I found was inside iTunes.
·         Right click a song and click ‘Get Info’. Click Info tab
·         In the Album column, delete the current name and type the name of the movie or album.
·         This will be enough for classification, though you can add all other details if you would like.
The second solution was outside iTunes. Before adding the song to iTunes, do the change as follows
·         Right click the song and choose properties (in main folder itself).
·         Click Summary tab and click advanced.
·         Now click the mouse in album title and you will be able to alter the album title.
·         Now, add the folder in iTunes and you will find the song at the right album.
Changing the album title also helps you when creating a playlist in your mobile phone music player.
Tedious processes in getting a bus pass
As I said in the beginning of this post, I have been wandering for the past two days solving the issues for getting a bus pass. First, we have to get a certificate from the college to prove that we are studying there. On giving this proof, we’ll be given a form in which we have to get from Principal again. On giving this form back, we will be given the ID card in which we have to get sign from Principal for the third time. Now, we have to get sign from the issuing officer the ID card has to be laminated by us. After all these things, our monthly slip will be given. So if we plan accurately we need to go to college four times and bus stand four times. The office will be open till 1.30 pm only. To me, half these things are unnecessary. Anyway all these difficulties are worth it, as you can travel at one third of the actual fare.
Movies I watched
I watched two movies yesterday and one movie today. I watched Prince of Persia- Sands of Time in my iPod. It was great watching it in iPod. The movie was also nice. Generally movies are converted into video games, but in this case the famous video game has been converted into a movie. The story is based on the sand inside a mysterious dagger which is capable of reversing time.
Then I watched Ocean’s eleven and Ocean’s twelve. It is a series of movies. Without watching Ocean’s eleven, you can’t watch Ocean’s twelve. The story revolves around a group of talented guys, who focus their talents on robbery. If you love, con movies don’t miss this stuff.
Some Screenshots of my iPod
An Interesting Message I received in my Phone
In Electrical Machines Practical exam, External examiner to student, ‘Why does a capacitor blocks DC, but allows AC to pass through?’
Student replies, ‘See Sir, a capacitor is like this.
‘DC comes straight like this and capacitor blocks it.
‘But AC goes up, down, up, down like this and jumps over capacitor’
Examiner is shocked.
Happy Reading!!!
P.S: In the SMS, I received symbolic diagrams, which I've replaced by downloaded diagrams.

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