June 26, 2010

A few Heart Breaks!

Hi guys,

In this post, i'll write about a few heart breaks that happened in
sports last week.

First one that comes to my mind is John Isner. He played a record 665
minutes against Mahut. That match lasted for 3 days and Isner finally
won 70-68 in last set. But that match took all energy from Isner and
the poor bloke lost to de Bakker in just 74 minutes. He hit a record
113 aces in the 1st round, but didn't even hit a single ace in the 2nd

The second one goes to Slovenia soccer team. When they finished their
match against England, they were nearly in the 2nd round. But Donovan
had different plans. His last minute goal fired US into the next round
and Slovenia were out. The comedy is US drew with Slovenia 2-2. US hit
a 3rd goal but was denied for unknown reason. If that goal was given
the final result would have been known very earlier. Poor guys.

At last is the Sri lankan cricket team. They performed so well in the
league matches, but were unlucky in the final. India entered final
after little fumbles. To sri lanka's bad luck, even the usually out of
form Dinesh Karthik hit 66 that day. Now India is celebrating as if
they played very well.

Happy Reading!!!

P.S: I'm posting this through mail via gprs. As i don't have net
connection currently, it will take another week or so to post usual
through computer. Until then adjust with the formatting and posts.


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