January 2, 2010

Ghost Story

Hi Readers,

Do you believe in ghosts?
Read my encounter with ghost in this post.

If you ask me the same question I asked you, I will be saying a big ‘No!’

You will be able to think very clearly when you are bounded by people and light. If you are surrounded by people and the power goes off unexpectedly and if someone starts to create mystifying noises, the hint of terror begins to appear. But if you are alone and you start sensing strange things, then you will be filled with great fear.

It was 30-12-09, last Wednesday and the day before New Year’s Eve. My parents went to bed as usual around 10 pm. I was surfing the official website of Solidworks (a CAD software). It was 10.45 pm. I started to feel drowsy and I went to bed.

I was not able to sleep. Things started to turn out. I sensed that some mosquitoes were biting me. It was very amazing, because the mosquito repellent was switched on. After some couple of unsuccessful attempts, I finally succeeded (there were 2 of them). Celebrating the triumph with a grin, I closed my eyes.

Suddenly I started hearing repeating sounds. The sound resembled the click of a computer’s mouse. The first thing that came into my mind was a thief. I was pondering about it. I thought the thief might try to wake me up and do something. I gallantly took the mobile phone and searched the area with the mobile phone’s light. There was no one near the computer table or under my bed.

Now I again closed my eyes. The sound started again. But this time there were more noises. Now my mind alarmed me that it might be a ghost. It was similar to the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’. Though I haven’t seen the film, I’ve read the story. It was as if some spirit was roaming inside my bedroom.

I didn’t know what to do and my face was filled with sweat. 15 minutes passed by. I didn’t know what to do. The sound was also not stopping. Somehow I brought courage and stepped out of my bed. I ran and switched on the light (light potta pei odi poidumnu oru nambikai).

Nothing mysterious happened. I just knelt down and searched the area below the bed. Nothing was there. I turned my eyes toward the computer table. There I saw a piece of paper. It was striking the leg of the table and that was the source of the sound.

I took the paper from there. My mother has used it to write down something from the internet. She has left it on the table. It has flown down due to the air created by the ceiling fan. The same has been the basis for the paper producing noises.

Feeling comfortable, I saw my phone. It was 12.05 am. I switched off the light and slept comfortably. The next morning I found that the reason for the mosquitoes biting was that the repellent’s liquid had been drained.

I won’t forget that night in my life!

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  1. Hahaha... " I sensed that some mosquitoes were biting me. It was very amazing"..really awesome...


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