January 17, 2010

Holiday Activities V

Hi Guys,

I’ll continue my holiday activities in this post.

14-1-10 (Thursday) was Pongal. It was festive time here. I accompanied mom to the market to buy vegetables the previous day. It was very busy and the mood was great there. Pongal is the festival celebrated to mark the harvest season. People thank the Sun God for the good harvest. Mom kept Pongal in the morning. There was a good lunch in the afternoon.

Green Get Together

In the afternoon, I went to my old school. A Get Together was organized by the alumni association. It was very nice to see my old friends. The main theme of the get-together was ‘Go Green’. There was a short football match (a 20 minute match), mobile photography contest and a 10 minute drawing contest. The prizes were plant saplings in accordance with the theme. We won the football match and hence each one of us got a sapling (It was very difficult carrying it to home. The pot was very heavy). Some old staff members came for the function. A volunteer from each of the batches told about their sweet memories in the school. The function ended well y 5.30 pm. We had some refreshments after the function. Then I was chatting with my friends for a long time. I came back home by 7 pm.

Mattu Pongal
15-1-10 (Friday) was Mattu Pongal. It is celebrated to thank the cattle for their help in the farm. The day went without much of activity. The day also marked the longest solar eclipse in the recent times. It nearly existed for 4 hours. I watched the movie ‘Santosh Subramaniyam” in television that evening. I think it is the 4th time I watched this film.

Naanayam- A movie with big twists
On 16-1-10 (Saturday) I went to the movie ‘Naanayam’ in a nearby theatre. The theater consists of 2 screens and Avatar was running in the other screen. A large crowd was there for Avatar, particularly there were lots of children. There was some good crowd for Naanayam too.

The movie was nice. It was a Tamil movie with a bit of Hollywood flavor at many places. The hero Prasanna designs a fool proof locker for Trust Bank, Chennai. Due to that it is advertised as the world’s safest bank. Sibiraj blackmails Prasanna and forces him to help rob the bank. Having no other go, Prasanna takes the blueprint of the design and engages himself in danger. The movie is full of twists and turns. Background score and Cinematography are its biggest plus while songs are its minus.

With this I finish off my Holiday activities post. Tomorrow, my classes begin. I’ll soon come up with other interesting posts.

Happy Reading!

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