December 30, 2009

Holiday Activities II

Hi Guys,

I’m going to carry on my holiday activities in this post.

In Holiday Activities-I post I described about the events from 15-12-09 to 21-12-09.

22-12-09 (Tuesday) was an uneventful day. That morning I updated my blog. I wasted the rest of the day by watching TV.

Learner’s License Record
23-12-09 (Wednesday) turned out to be a long day. That morning I joined a nearby driving school to learn driving a car and also to obtain the license for the same. In the beginning we need to get LLR (Learner’s License Record) to start driving. I went to RTO (Regional Transport Corporation) along with the driving school’s owner. We reached there by 9.30 am. After filling the form, the owner went inside the office to pay the fees and to finish the formalities. I stayed behind. Waiting outside I started surveying the activities of the people coming to RTO.

It was a busy day. There was a lengthy queue standing to get the forms for both License and LLR. A lot of people came in their two wheelers to get license. Only a handful of people came in their cars to get license. Mostly driving school cars dominated the scene. Other than that there was a mini bus and a lorry. A driver collided his car into the lorry and the car’s front part was damaged heavily.

By 10.30 the owner came back. He had paid Rs.90 for the LLR. After affixing the receipt with the form he sent me inside. There was a long line inside also. Almost 35 people were standing in front of me. By 10.50 the officer went out all of a sudden. He came back after 20 minutes. When he came back there was some confusion, since some people from outside tried to come 1st. After some heated discussion, the row was again in order. I was called around 11.45. He crosschecked me by asking some details that were in the form. Then I was sent to take photograph. There it took around 30 minutes. After capturing me in the webcam the official procedure was over. I was asked to collect the LLR by 5 pm. My driving school’s owner collected it for me. I came to home by 2 pm.

CADD Center
In my Holiday Activities I blog I mentioned about CADD Quest. I also mentioned that we (I, Dhasthaheer and Vimal Raj) have decided to join AutoCAD there. We joined there on Wednesday. After paying the fees we were told that the course would begin on 28-12-09 (Monday).

Eco Park
After paying fees in the CADD Center, we went to Eco Park. The word eco stands for eco friendly or environment friendly. The Park contained a large area of grassland, decorated trees, beautiful statues, dancing fountain and boat service. The dancing fountain and boat facility will be active only on holidays. The entrance fee was Rs 3. On that day we went there by 4.45 pm. Going there, we learnt that the park’s timing was from 5 pm to 9 pm. So we roamed the adjoining area.

We went inside by 5 pm. We took some photos with Vimal’s Camera. The park was extremely enjoyable. After going round the park we spent some time in the children’s recreational area. By 6 pm, it started to darken and lights were on. The park was glowing in lights. The trees were spiraled with lights. There were large number of flash lights and CFL that worked on Solar Power. There was an artificial palm tree that was shimmering with light. The park was maintained very well. It will be great, if the officials take effort to convert it into a tourist spot.

The Fast and the Furious
24-12-09 (Thursday) was a pleasant day. I updated some of the photos we took in Eco Park to my Orkut Profile. I found that the photos we took during the night time were very poor. So I mailed my relative who is interested in photography asking for some tips.

In the afternoon, I sat to watch the movie The Fast and the Furious, with the DVD I bought the preceding week. It was a fantastic movie. A group of car racers steal electronic equipments, when the electronic equipments are being carried in a truck. Brian O’ Connor, a police officer joins the street racers to find out the group. He saves Domenic Toretto, the leader of the street racing gang from cops. He gets along with him. He finds that Domenic is also the person who steals the goods. What happens next is the climax. The movie has a lot of car races. The movie reminded me of the film ‘Dhoom’ in which John Abraham and his friends use bikes to steal money and Abhisekh Bachan is the cop there.

India won the ODI series against Sri Lanka. India won easily chasing 315 with beautiful centuries from Gambhir and Kohli.

25-12-09 (Friday) was Christmas. Though it is not celebrated greatly in India, the season brings festive atmosphere. There were lot of ads in paper conveying offers to their products for the Christmas and New Year. There were some special shows in the TV too.

Understanding my Camera
I got some tips for the night photography. This led me to a new mission ‘Understanding my Camera’. I took the manuals and read the different features. I have tried the different modes long before. Then, I thought there was no vast difference between the modes. Now, I discovered the mistake I did. I had tested the modes with the same objects. But the modes are to be used for different circumstances. For example, Landscape mode is suitable for Natural scenes, Night Snapshot is suitable for Night scenes and Portrait is suitable for indoor scenes.

I also understood about the Photographic Triangle. Photographic Triangle stands for ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Indirectly all these things have power over the amount to light entering the lens. To know more about these terms and to know more about photography visit

A List of events
26-12-09 (Saturday) started badly. I got early by 6.15 am and it was very boring before breakfast. The day also marked the 5th year of the outrageous Tsunami attack in India (also in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the surrounding countries). After that I went to CADD center. Though we were told to come by Monday, we were not told the exact time. So we went to enquire about the timings. We were told that we will be informed later.

That evening, I went out with dad to get Passport size photos for me. After getting the photos, dad said that he wanted to get some older songs in CDs. So we went to Keestu Khanam, a CD/DVD shop which is located at Goripalyam. There dad started to browse the CDs. I started to look around the shop. Suddenly insects started to come into the shop. Troubled with them, I came out. Dad came out after buying 2 CDs that contained 50 songs each. They were in MP3 format.

Dad told that he will teach me to withdraw money from ATM centers using Debit cards. When we went inside the ATM center the machine was smiling ‘ATM Offline. Come After Sometime’. We went to another ATM center. It was not very difficult for me, as I had already learnt it from my brother.

A Sorrowful Sunday
27-12-09 (Sunday) had some miserable events. The 5th ODI between India and Sri Lanka was played in Delhi. Sri Lanka batted first. After facing 23 overs, complaints rose that the pitch was very poor. After some discussions the match was abandoned.

I watched TV most of the time. My school friend Anand called me by 10.45 pm. He told that Naveen (another school friend) met with an accident. He has kept his hand in the side window of the bus. A bus crossing on the opposite side has crashed with this bus. His hand was damaged in this incident. He was admitted in the hospital and I was informed that a plate was kept in his hand. Be careful, when u r travelling in a bus.

CAD Classes
28-12-09 (Monday) started smoothly. It was holiday for dad since it was Moharam. We started attending the AutoCAD classes on that day. Our trainer was a very young person. Actually I thought he was a student. He was very handsome. He was wearing blue jean and a white shirt. He had a French beard and a stud in one ear. But his classes were fantastic. He explained everything clearly. He was a very friendly guy.

I downloaded some tutorial for Solidworks software from the net. The site was

Here u can download tutorials for all versions of AutoCAD, Solidworks, Pro-E, Catia, Ansys, etc.

1st Driving Class
29-12-09 (Tuesday) contained many nice events. When I woke up, I found that my phone had some 10 messages all conveying New Year wishes.

I started with my 1st driving classes. I drove for approximately 20 minutes. I can’t exactly portray my 1st day driving. But I’ll keep u updated as the days roll on. CAD classes went on well. He taught us about the work area and about drawing basic things like lines, circle.

With this I complete my Holiday Activities II. I will carry on my activities in Holiday Activities III.
Also, we come to the end of 2009, which has had many happy and sorrowful events for each of us. With those memories in mind, let’s move to 2010. Let’s hope 2010 will be better than 2009.

Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!

Happy Reading!

1.       AutoCAD classes and CAD classes mean one and the same in my blog.
2.       In ‘Understanding my camera’, I’ve mentioned different modes. Those modes r present in my camera (Canon A550). It may be different in your camera. Refer your manual.

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