August 14, 2009

"5S" - The Japnese Principle

Each week we have a period called ‘Association Hour’. In that period we use to do some preplanned activities like aptitude test, seminar, group discussion, etc… This week we had seminar. Anyone can explain about any topic of their interest. I was fascinated when a boy took a seminar about “5S”.

5S is name of workplace organization methodology. It uses list of 5 Japanese words which starts with S. It has been translated into English such that they also start with S.

The 5S are

1. Seiri:

Its English equivalent is ‘sorting’… In this method, we have to differentiate between needed and unneeded objects or tools. We have to eliminate or clear the unwanted tools.

2. Seiton:

Its English counterpart is ‘Set in Order’… In this one, we have to set the needed items in order. We have to keep the tools in appropriate place so that we can easily identify them, when required.

3. Seiso:

Its English equivalent is ‘Shining’... We have to clean the workplace frequently, so that the place is neat and clean. For instance, we have to remove the waste pieces that are left after work from the place.

4. Seiketsu:

Its English counterpart is ‘Standardizing’… We have to standardize the 1st three processes. Just doing it the 1st time won’t be enough. We have to do it consistently. We should not take a tool and throw it away in some place after working. We have to restore the tool to the earlier spot.

5. Shitsuike:

It can be translated in English as ‘Sustaining’… Once we have established the 1st ‘4S’, we have to maintain them. We have to settle in the new way of operation… We should not allow our self to decline back to the old ways. Of all the 5S this S is the most significant S.

Thus we have to adapt the 5S for the healthier working of an industry. Not only for an industry, for our day to day life also we can adapt this technique of 5S. We can attain regularity and success by following this method.

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