July 10, 2012

Roger Federer - Back in the Top!

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It was an interesting Sunday evening. Being in a lecture hall, seeking for different channels on net to see the Wimbledon finals live and then finding out a foreign channel whose language was unidentifiable. Then we had the rain stoppage and a nice interaction with a professor at 10 pm and then finally watching the match with English commentary. Roger Federer was back in form and back in the top.

The first set was a very tight one till 4-4 and then Federer lost his serve game poorly and it allowed Murray to conquer the first set easily. The second set was just superb. I thought it was heading for the tie breaker when the scores were 5-6 and Murray was 30-0 in his last game. Federer made a wonderful comeback and the way he took the set from 30-30 to 50-30 was just amazing.

Rain spoiled the play in the third set and as it has been happening in this Wimbledon, the rain stoppage went advantageous to Federer who won both the third and fourth sets very easily.

So, Federer won his 17th Grandslam and has become the Number 1 player once again setting into his 285th week as the top ranked player, just short of his hero Pete Samprass. He is all set to create record in the next few weeks.

It was a magnanimous effort from Federer, particularly after suffering from the back pain in the early stages of the tournament. After that the last three matches were just fantastic. He crushed all the opponents. Nadal’s exit was also an important factor. Many may wonder what it is between Nadal’s exit in second round and Federer’s win. Might be if Nadal had stayed and if it was Federer vs Nadal in the finals, the game could have been different. Nadal always had the psychological edge over Federer.

Looking ahead, the season looks to be interesting. Rafael bowed out in the second round. It was a shock defeat, but then you can’t say he is in bad form. He just won his favourite French Open. Djokovic is not as good as he was in the previous season, but still he is in the top. Murray has been a wonderful player, but the sad thing is he hasn’t got any luck and buckles in the finals.

We need to wait ahead to see if Federer is really back in his great old form. Anyway it is great achievement to bounce back and claim the number one spot after quite a long time.

We have two interesting tournaments ahead. The Olympic Tennis which is again at Wimbledon and then the US open. Let’s see how the matches progress and who is really in form.

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  1. I have long loved Federer, the way he plays and the calmness he displays.
    It felt so wonderful that he is again at the top after such a long time.
    Looking forward to the US Open!

    1. thanks for the comment... the way he plays, it is so classic...

      look forward to the olympics before the US open :)

  2. Federer is a legendary player. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.


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