October 8, 2010

My attraction towards Hollywood Movies!

Hi guys,

It has been long since, I wrote last. My UPS crashed out and hence I was not able to use my computer for a long time. I was long thinking of what to write and thought it would be nice to write about my association with Hollywood Movies.

If I remember well, the first time I watched a Hollywood movie was during my 7th standard. It was one fine Saturday afternoon and I returned from school just then. My brother said he was going to an English movie and asked me if I wished to come with him. I happily agreed as I thought it would be nice. The movie was Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. The narratives were dubbed in Tamil and I was not able to understand the movie until my brother narrated to me in home. Before even I heard the story from him, I had become a fan of Tom Cruise and am still his fan.

After that I watched some 2 or 3 dubbed movies and I’m not sure of the first movie I watched in the original language itself. It was either Independence Day or I, Robot, both starring Will Smith. It was during my 8th standard and by then, I was not able to understand the accent of the English. So my brother would be the translator. After watching a scene, he would pass the movie and explain me the things. Thinking about it now, I think my brother was grateful then, for he used to watch Bollywood movies telecasted every Friday and Saturday night in Doordarshan. Though I never knew Hindi, I would lay right next to him and will be annoying him with explanations of the scenes. Except for a very few times, he would be patient enough to convey me the things.

After this there were a few times when we watched movies together until he finished his college and went to work. I was in my 10th standard then. Then three years went by without much of movies and I after my schooling, we bought a DVD player and my brother used to bring DVDs of many English movies, whenever he comes home.

Initially I used to watch the movies along with the sub titles. During my first year at college, we bought a computer in my home and then I used headset to hear the dialects. It was perfect. Soon I understood their accent without help of sub titles and today I watch movies normally, even without help of headset. Initially I enjoyed only the action movies with lot of special effects in them. Thought those were the only type of Hollywood movies.

But as time went I started to watch Drama movies and came to know about real life experiences. These days I watch a combination of all the genres, but I enjoy Sci-Fi Thrillers the most. Of late I have started to dig the older movies and even started to watch the movies of 60s and 70s. Last week I watched three movies of which I will be writing soon. They are One flew upon the Cuckoo’s nest (1975), Psycho (1960) and Rear Window (1954). Of these the last two are Alfred Hitchcock’s movies.

Of all the movies I have seen, I would consider Extra Terrestrial (E.T.) as the best. It was released in 1982 and is a Steven Spielberg’s film. It’s a touching movie which portrays the relationship between an Alien and a Human Child. I had to wait for a long time to see this movie. At last saw this movie during my first year at college in Television.

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  1. I still cant pick up those accents, and I too, rather still, annoy my brother for the translations!!

  2. @Arti

    Thanks for ur comments. Its quite difficult picking the accent. Though, i say i've got it, i still find find it difficult sometimes.


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