October 29, 2010

3G in my Life!

Hi Guys,

The most recent booming technology in our country is the third generation phones or 3G phones. These are phones that are way above their predecessors. The main features include mobile TV, internet and video calls. Though the introduction was very late in India, the huge amount of money that has been put into in the 3G auction has shown that India is a huge market for 3G phones. Despite the high price of 3G phones people are ready to go for it, just because of the technology and ads. Private operators are ready and 3G will be introduced by many service providers in a very short time.

In this post, I’m going to write about my thoughts of having a 3G phone.

Internet on the Go!

I was in my native place during the past one week and was never able to access internet. Just as I came yesterday and opened my mails and social networks, there were huge amount of updates in that. Imagining that I have a 3G phone, I will be able to use Internet on the go. Though we have GPRS now, the speed is very low and it never crosses 20-25 kbps. But, the speed in a 3G phone must be at least 200 kbps, which is nearly the speed of an Indian Broadband connection. So, having 3G phone will mean that there will be no missing mails and updates.

No more missing my favourite TV shows

Though, I’m not a TV freak I still watch certain reality shows continuously. For the past two weeks, I have not been able to watch the shows mainly because I was not in my home most of the time. So, if I had a 3G phone, I would have watched at least half the shows without missing. Not only this, I would be able to know about all the updates as it happens. There would be no remote clashes (though it doesn’t happen directly in my home, its obvious that one’s favourite will not be others). It would lead to a personalized enjoyable environment.

Video Calls

The above said things are just the starters. The main meal of a 3G phone will be the video calls. There are lot of situations when video calls will become handy.

Lot of my relative have been complaining that I never come to their home and they are constantly inviting me to visit their home. Let’s imagine both of us (me and one of my relative) have 3G phones. I can just call them and I can just say, ‘So, why don’t you take me around your house?’ I can see their whole house in the phone screen and this will reduce one promise I have made.

Next, it will be handy to identify a friend in a busy shopping crowd. Next week is Diwali and if you go to shopping now, the street will be full of people. If my friend is already in the street or inside a shop, I can just call him and see where he stands and I can easily identify him. Just imagine how many phone calls we make to identify friends these days.

A constant problem, I have been having with my friends is doubt clearing. They just call me and ask how to solve a problem or ask me to explain how things have been done. It is very difficult to clear doubts over voice. If I have a 3G phone and my friend also has one, I can just ask him to show, where he has the doubt and can easily clear the doubts. Rather than clearing doubts, this will avoid a few word fights between us for the misunderstandings.

Another permanent question by my friends, when they call me uses to be ‘Hey, so what are you doing?’ If I have a 3G phone I can just say ‘Hey Idiot, don’t you have eyes to see what I do now?’ (just for fun) One picture is better than 1000 words. So, video calls will definitely make life better.

All the above said things are just imaginations. These things may or may not happen. But it will definitely take some years for 3G to spread in India.

Happy Reading!!!

P.S: This post has been written for Indiblogger 3G Life Blogger Contest. http://www.indiblogger.in/topic.php?topic=30


  1. this is a great post telling us about 3G.. I loved the use for doubt solving, the most...
    I have voted for your post, may you win:)

  2. Ya 3G has lot to offer, you have enlisted all of them.
    I have seen Video Calls on BSNL 3G network they are great.
    3G will be launched at the end of this year but firstly it will be in main cities then it will gradually spread.
    The 3G project here in north India has just started, this is the news that i can give you being from Telecom Field.
    I am currently working for 2G operations for Uninor and have taken training from my Company on 3G also.
    We guys work day and night to bring you the best services.
    Before 3G you would enjoy Mobile Portability services which will be launched by this month only by all operators.

  3. @Arti

    Thanks for ur comments and wishes... also thanks for voting my post in indivine...

  4. @Abhishek

    thnaks for bringing us all the recent news from 3G side... its great to know that mobile portability will come this month...
    the chances of getting 3G in my city in the first set is great, but the chances of me getting a 3G is less as phones r quite costly... i'll have to wait for sometime...

  5. Ya Karthick there are some 3G Cheap phones available in market, but you should wait for 3G services first, i guess Mobile phone prices will reduce further.

  6. @Abhsihek

    yeah... i think after introduction of 3G services, phone prices will further decrease... anyway with a friend like u, i'll be able to get guidance on telecommunications always... thanks for the info

  7. Yes 3G phones runs at about more or less 200kbps this powerful network speed combined with good phone makes it invincible nice post and voted!


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