March 20, 2010

A few of my recent experiences!

Hi Guys,

It’s been long since I wrote ‘The First Week of summer’. It’s nice to meet you again through my words.
I was totally engaged in my college works, either writing assignments or drawing machine parts and assembling them in Solidworks. For the past week, I’ve been sleeping by midnight. The only entertainment in between these times was the IPL matches. But sadly, till now I’m not able to watch a full match. Apart from these things, I watched the movie ‘Sherlock Holmes’ yesterday.

A New Browser, A new Experience!
Last week, I downloaded the new Opera 10.5 browser. It was advertised as the World’s Fastest Browser. Earlier I’ve used Opera 9.27, but was not attracted by that. Apart from that I’ve used IE6, Safari browsers and I’m currently using IE8, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3.6.

Of these I’m not comfortable with IE8 as it crashes often. I use Google Chrome to check mails and Firefox for extended usage like reading, surfing. I’m most comfortable with Firefox, since it provides a large range of features (add-ons). So, I use Firefox for 90% of my browsing.

Initially I was not interested with the Opera browser. A few days back I used it in my college for surfing and found it impressive. So, I decided to download. In the Opera website, I found that it had some additional facilities like Opera Turbo, Unite and Link. It had independent widgets too.

Opera Turbo increases the speed of the website by a particular factor, normally 2X or 3X. In my short usage, I found that Google and Gmail loaded faster than Chrome or Firefox. But if there were lot of elements in the website, then there was difficulty. For instance, some of the widgets in my blog did not load.

There was lot of Opera Widgets in the website. Some were very useful. I downloaded two of those gadgets. One was the Google gadget that contained all the Google icons like Google, Blogger, Orkut, Gmail, etc. Another one was EBook Reader. A fantastic gadget for a book lover like me! It contains a lot of stored books. We can just download them and read them. I was able to find a lot of famous books like Sherlock Holmes (the complete series), some Augusta Christie Novels, Alice in Wonderland, Around the World in 80 days, etc. On the whole I liked the new Opera browser.

Are you a Gmail user? Then Read This
In the recent times, a lot of my friends have lost their Gmail IDs, i.e., they have been hacked. Also, many have received warnings from Gmail to change their password. Gmail has increased it security features. Particularly it has introduced mobile phone recovery. Incase if you forget your password, then Google will send a sms to you. Most of them who lost their IDs had forgotten the answers for recovery questions.

Frustrating Internet Connection
The Internet Speed has been so poor in my home for so long. Even I can manage with the speed, but the connection crashes so often. There was lot of problem from the day we got this connection. Complaints and enquiries don’t help a bit. Last week, mom made a complaint and we were assured we would get a better connection, but there is no improvement. I can’t believe that India’s largest broadband provider’s service is so poor. I’m dead sure that a private sector company will overtake it in a few days.

A lot of things didn’t go well for me this week. But whatever happens happens for a reason and life just goes on. Hope to have a very good week ahead.

Happy Reading!!!

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