March 6, 2010

The First Week of Summer!

Hi Guys,

I think my last post was a fortnight back. I thought of penning down a lot of things last Sunday, but I was out of time. I went to the movie ‘Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya’ in the morning and then I was engaged writing assignments the whole day.

Also the title of this post is ‘The First week of summer’. Last week was very hot and humid here, marking that the summer had begun. Let’s hope the summer is quite mild this year, though the chances are less due to Global Warming.

Sporting Actions
The 12th Hockey world cup is going on in Delhi from Feb 28. Though India is in very poor form these days, a lot was expected from them as it is our home ground. Our players played up to the expectations in the 1st match against Pakistan, beating them 4-1. Then in the 2nd match, Australia outplayed us 5-2. Against Spain, India played better, but they failed to convert the passes and penalty corners to goals. In the end again a 5-2 defeat. Today India played England. India dominated the scene, but as usual failed to score goals even in the last minute and lost 3-2 to give up the semi final hopes. At least they must win South Africa and fight for the 5th place.

It was great to see Sachin hit a double century in the Gwalior ODI against South Africa. I have been his fan from the days I started watching cricket. There are a lot of sporting events ahead this month. The much expected IPL III begins on March 12. There have been a lot of controversies around this event. To me, any of the 8 teams have a chance to win this event. I have been a great fan of F1 races, particularly Michael Schumacher. It’s great that he is back on track this year at the age of 41. But it is quite different to see him with the McLaren Team instead of the famous Ferrari. Let’s see how he drives in the Bahrain GP on March 14.
Events in the College
College is going on nice these days, despite the huge amount of politics happening. We had better performances in the interdepartmental culturals. We got 2nd place in the events like Skit, Vocal Solo (Siva Kumar) and theme dance. We also got the 3rd place in Western dance. There were lot of politics in the events that led to conflict and repetition of events like Folk and western dances. Finally the points were calculated based on the number of students and hence we missed the 1st place by a whisker.

The interdepartmental sports are also nearing the end. We were leading a few days before, but sadly we let it slip our hands. We can’t do a lot on that, mainly because having no girls in our department we can’t rely on the events conducted for girls. We expect compensation points based on the points we scored, but we are denied and hence Sports Shield has also become a dream. But our performance was far better than last year, both in cultural and sports.

The mood in the college is upbeat after the last semester results. Much has improved than the previous semester. Our college secured the University’s 2nd place in the overall pass percentage, missing the 1st by a mere 0.68%. Last time the difference was more than 20%.

I will keep updating about my activities.

Happy reading!!!

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