February 15, 2010

An Entertaining Story!!!

Hi Guys,

We had some fascinating activity in the Communication Lab period today afternoon.

Most of the students were not present in the class. They had gone to practice for the cultural competitions. Only 32 out of 67 were in the class. So we had an interesting game. The class was divided into two. But our group had 12 members and the opposite group had 20 members.

We were given the theme ‘Entertainment’ and were asked to write as many related words as possible in 5 minutes. The team leader must be the one to write. I was the leader of my group. Pasanga ennaiye palikada akitanga!

They were saying many words and I was scribbling them. By the end of 5 minutes we had written 28 words and the same time the other group lead by Bala Kumar wrote some 41 words. Now both of us were given 2 minutes extra time to write more words. In that time, our boys came out with 43 expressions, whereas the other team wrote only 22 words. Actually the secret was we divided the job. Vimal wrote on one side of the note and I wrote on the other side.

We were asked to read the words. I started reading and in the middle I was unable to control the laughter. The reason was, a series of words Vimal had written were Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Boxing followed by Theatre, Cinema, Movie. Anyway the staff said nothing. But the other team started shouting that they all meant one and the same. Nothing happened in favor of them!

By this time 40 minutes had passed and we were told to write something creative using all those words. We sat in to write a story. The story began well, but within some time it collapsed, since everyone suggested something and I was not able to follow. It was a great comedy reading the story. I present it below, but don’t know whether you will be able to follow (all words in red denote the words related with entertainment).

I have had so many dreams in my life. Some were just dreams. I have thought of riding a horse. I was amused to see sea surfers. Trekking will be a nice experience, but I never got a chance. I wanted to visit a resort, go boating nearby seashore. I wanted to go on an adventurous outing and put a campfire in a hill station. I wish to visit a village and visit the temples there. I like to ride a sport bike with an earphone in my ear. I wish to be entertained in an amusement park. And last of all I wanted India to win the hockey gold medal in 2008 Olympic. Some dreams have come true. India won the T20 cricket world cup in 2007. I have visited palaces. I have played football. I’m collecting coins

When we were spinning the story (if you are a writer, forgive me) time was out. I finished this story within 10 minutes that too hearing 12 different suggestions continuously. To end with Vimal read the story. The opposite team just wrote some sentences using these words. That was the end of it. The greatest comedy was some guys were fighting ‘nanga than jeichom… nanga than jeichom’… Enna Koduma sir idhu!!!

In the end it was announced that we won the game. Though we collapsed with the story, we were announced the winners, encouraging our effort.

Happy Reading!!!

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