August 12, 2013

4 and Growing! Thank you once again!!!

Hi Guys,

Birthdays are always special and I actually feel my blog’s birthday more special than my Birthday! Maybe, because it’s my creation.

4 years – 212 posts – 132000 + views. This is a short snapshot of my blog stats. When I started my blog, I never dreamt of achieving these things. I thought it was just a hobby. I thought it was just fun. I never thought I could sustain it for this long. I never thought it would become a passion.

Thanks to each and every one of my readers for supporting my blog. You believed in me, more than what I believed in myself. The amount of confidence you guys instilled in me was a great source of energy.

Things have changed over time. I no longer write blogs sitting in front of my Desktop at home. I write in my Laptop sitting in my Hostel Room or at my college’s Resource Centre. I am no longer a student of Mechanical Engineering. I have become a Mechanical Engineer and a student of Management studies. I no longer write whatever comes into my mind. I have to think long about the consequences before touching on a post – one of the reasons, the number of posts have shrunken. The typical work filled days of B school life are also a reason for the reduction in number of posts.

A lot of people come and ask me, ‘Karthick, how did you get so many visitors?’ I wish I knew the answer. As I said in the beginning, I never dreamt of something like this. It has been a puzzle as to how it happened. People think I hide secrets. The reality is that there are no secrets. Many people ask me for tips on writing and it’s another question for which I do not know the answer. I myself consider I have a lot of scope to improve. Of late, I realized that I have become too complacent. For some time, I was not even proof reading the posts after the first draft. I realized it after a few comments and now I try to proof read twice before posting.

Looking at my posts in the last year, I am quite happy. Though the number of posts I have written has reduced to 30s, the content has been quite good. I have written posts relating to some Social issues. I was one of the Runner Ups, in a contest organized by Indiblogger and Surf Excel for writing about Corruption (you can see the badge at the bottom of the blog). It really feels good when people come back and appreciate for such efforts. I have written few book reviews and as a result, I receive requests for Book reviews in times of new releases (I haven’t accept any one so far as I cannot promise to write at the time of release). I receive requests for writing in other websites. It is quite startling.

I hope to continue writing good posts in the future and I hope my readers get something by reading my blog.

Over the past, I have thanked all my supporters over my Birthday posts and I do not want to mention all the names again. A big thanks to each and every one of you! I am posting the links of my previous Birthday posts, so that new readers can enjoy reading them.

At this juncture, I welcome suggestions for my blog. I know there is a lot of scope for improvement. Do let me know your suggestions on my writing or the content or the design of my blog. Write a comment or drop a mail to

Thank you very much for your support! Keep Supporting!

Happy Reading!!!

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  1. I am so sorry for being late here. 4 years is so special! And I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey along with you as well. I am so glad to hear of your success and that you are still very much inspired to continue writing. Wish you always will, wish you greater levels of success with each passing year. The first line of the post says all about the love you have for your blog, I loved it. Hearty Congratulations and Happy Blogging! :)


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