May 21, 2011

Things that Crossed my Way!

Hi Guys,

There were some corrupt files in my computer for the past few months. They were slowing down all the processes and hence I decided to set things right. I thought it will take lesser amount of time, when I sat yesterday evening. But when things seemed to be right, newer problems kept coming. Finally I set things right by today afternoon. I had to spend nearly 5 hours to right things. It was just frustrating.

Missing Beautiful Things
A few days ago when I started to college, I noted that a plant in my garden was full of flowers and it just looked stunning. It’s called as Idly Poo in Tamil and later learnt that it is called as Jungle Geranium in English. The flowers used to be in a bunch and it will be bright red in colour. Even one bunch of a flower will look beautiful and that day there were around 20-25 bunches and it appeared red all over the place. It was gorgeous. I have seen lot of flowers and still this one remains my favorite.

A whole view
A closer look
This plant has been in my house for a long time and I still remember my childhood days when I used to pluck the flowers to drink the sugary nectar. The taste will be wonderful and hence there will be honeybees around this plant. I have got many stings from those bees.

It also made me realize that in the quicker pace of life, we miss many small yet beautiful things.

Amazing Nat Geo
These days, I watch Nat Geo Amazing in National Geographic Channel. There are lot of interesting facts portrayed all over the program. The biggest advantage is that the time period Nat Geo takes to cover a fact is so less, that you can learn 4-5 things even if you watch for 10 minutes. It shows us a new perspective on lot of things. It covers Weird but True facts, slow motion videos, top 5 ratings on a certain things and simple principles behind complex things. Click here to go to the Nat Geo Amazing online channel.

Another program I watch is Mission Army. Nat Geo offers a chance for a common Indian to be on Indian Army. Though I’m not very much interested on the competition, I do watch the Indian Army facilities that are being showcased. The facilities are awesome, the training sessions are rigorous. Last week they were showing about Paratroopers, who are airborne soldiers who can handle any situation. Any one in army can apply for it and nearly 70% of them eliminated in the painstaking training. The training tests your mental ability and physical fitness.

A soldier was saying that he needed to run for 60 kms with all the bag and things. He was saying that after some time his legs were falling out and he was doubtful whether to continue or give up. He was saying that it was not a test for the physical fitness, but the mental ability. To be simple, they are very very brave people, because of whom we sleep comfortably each night.

Return of Birds
A few months back, in my Enjoying Nature post, I mentioned about the arrival of migratory birds. These days I can see those birds return to their home. They travel as a flock of 5-7 birds and generally they are in V shape. Seeing them reminds me of Determination. They fly over 1000s of miles in the hope of finding a new shelter and then returns back home when summer sets in here. They repeat it every year to make sure that they survive.

That’s it for now.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. The flowers are beautiful...I think we have similar ones in our society too! And your are so right, we do tend to miss a lot of simple things due to our fast paced life! Glad you have recovered your computer from the virus attack!

  2. @Arti

    yeah... these flowers r common in India... u can find them in various colors and sizes including orange, red, yellow, etc


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